All of us have struggled to find good content to read on the internet flooded with different blogs. This is not because we don’t have good content to read on the internet. It is simply because there is so much of content on a same topic that we just end up wasting the time available reading the first few paragraphs of each blog to realise that it’s just regular write-up with no information to gather, learning to embibe or knowledge to procure. It’s like searching for diamond in a coal mine.

You know it’s there, but just don’t know where.

When he was in the middle of these thoughts, one day ‘She’ suggested to ‘Him’ to start blogging and that’s when ‘He’ thought of ‘ofyi’ to disseminate curated information.  He endeavours to bring to you content to read from all round the world.

‘He’ is a Chartered Accountant and knows a lot about finance and a bit about everything else.

Apart from ‘Him’ there are a few more very talented authors writing ‘ofyi’.  Read more about these authors here.