Jai Ho

A Documentary Film by Umesh Aggarwal (2016)
A PSBT Production
English with English subtitles
Duration – 85 minutes

The film is titled after the Ocsar-winning song composed by A R Rahman. It celebrates the Indian icon who is no less than a global phenomenon; depicting the turning points and milestones in his life.

Bebop and Beyond by Christos Yerolatsitis – Jazz Workshop

The workshop by Cypriot piano player Christos Yerolatsitis will introduce the historical context that saw the rise of bebop and legendary jazz musicians between the 1940s and the 1960s, as well as some of the techniques that characterise the iconic style of music. Yerolatsitis started to play piano at the age of seven. After several years of classical training he graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2007 with distinction. Yerolatsitis performs on a regular basis in several projects in and around the Netherlands.

Baithak Unplugged

Sahana Banerjee (sitar)

An A-grade artiste of AIR, Sahana Banerjee is one of the most accomplished and outstanding female sitar players of India belonging to the Rampur Senia gharana. This programme will be fully acoustic without any amplification.

Baithak Unplugged

Harsh Narayan is the grandson of sarangi maestro Ram Narayan, and has studied under him since the age of six. Today he’s an A-grade artiste from All India Radio. This programme will be fully acoustic without any amplification.

Origin of Jazz by Alfie Copovi | International Music – Jazz Workshop

The workshop explores the vast origins of jazz from influences and predecessors to the Swing era. Blues, gospel and ragtime all come together in early jazz, along with the social and economic circumstances that played an important role in its development. Born in Valencia, Spain, Alfie Copovi (Head of Keyboard Department, The True School of Music) had early contact, aged 5, with the instrument. Since then he has played over ten years in Valencia, Amsterdam and Belgium.