Do you really care for your loved ones?

We all care about our loved ones and with an intent to protect their future, we buy insurance plans (endowment plans to be precise).  The insurance brokers / agents sell these insurance policy to us with a lot of jargons like sum assured, terminal benefit, critical illness cover, maturity benefit,…

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Don’t just put your money to work – Make your money work right!

It is true.  Money does make money for you, but only when it is provided the right guidance.  Just like you don’t ride a racing car on the city streets, you shouldn’t invest your money into instruments that gives you 5% return when it has the potential to shower you…

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Save to Spend – Savend!

Savings.  How much ever boring, clichéd, over-rated, over discussed the term may sound, it is as much important.  The first thing that came to my mind before even starting with this blog was who will even read it when the internet is flooded with people giving ‘gyan’ on savings.  Everyone…

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